Thekchog Kunzang Chodon Nunnery

Few years later in 1993, the number of nuns increased to the extent that a seperate nunnery had to be established in Radhi, Pakaling, East Bhutan.Thereafer, Rinpoche has been exploring for sponsors from abroad. With the blessings of the Buddha and the kind assistance and contribution from the donors and supporters, Rinpoche has successfully constructed the Thegchog Kunzang Chodon Nunnery to cater to the needs of the nuns.

The academic curriculum of the monastic education in both Rangjung Monastery and Thegchog Kunzang Chodon Nunnery is divided into two levels: the elementary level (Chhi-rim) and the advanced level (tho-rim). The elementary level is a six-year course which consists of the study of Buddhist scriptures. Tibetan language, calligraphy, grammer and ritual arts. The advance level (higher buddhist studies and research) is a seven-year course for monks and nuns to study Buddhist philosophy, literature, poetry, abhidharma, cosmology, ethics and the history of Buddhism. Compassionate Rinpoche has tirelessy used his time and efforts to improve the living conditions of the people in the monastery and nunnery as well as old folks home and the retreat centers.

NOTE: This article is taken from the Rangjung Foundation Brochure. Modifications and corrections are welcome.