How you can help us?

How Can You Help

The Rangjung Foundation is committed to helping the community through the following thirteen projects

Monks', Nuns', Yogis' Food Fund Project
Old Folks' Food Fund Project
Retreatants' Food Fund Project
Building Fund Project
Medical Fund Project
Educational Fund Project
Robes Fund Project
Ritual Fund Project
Scholarship Fund Project
Publication Fund Project
Krodikali Fund Project
Reserved Fund Project
Merits Fund Project


Your sponsorship, support and contribution are considered as good actions and will thus accrue merit.

Your sponsorship will provide the monks and nuns to have the oppertunity to pursue their education in Buddhist philosophy with the intention of turning the dharma wheel of Lord Buddha in order to benefit the sentient beings.

Your sponsorship will help to improve the living conditions of the monks and nuns in monasteries in terms of lodging facilities, food and medical expenses.

Your sponsorship will provide better educational opportunities for the needy.

Your sponsorship will provide shelter and support for the elderly so that they can devote the remainder of their precious life to practicing the dharma.

Your sponsorship will make a difference in alleviating the suffering of those who have insufficient medical aids and lack essential health care.

Merits of Donation
As Lord Buddha says, "Just like putting a drop of water into an ocean, as long as the ocean exists, the drop exists. It will never disappear until the ocean runs dry. Merits totally dedicated to enlightenment will never disappear until enlightenment is attained. We would like to request all the faithful sponsors and well-wishers to support us in every way possible.