Merits of Donation

As Lord Buddha says, "Just like putting a drop of water into an ocean, as long as the ocean exists, the drop exists. It will never disappear until the ocean runs dry. Merits totally dedicated to enlightenment will never disappear until enlightenment is attained. We would like to request all the faithful sponsors and well-wishers to support us in every way possible.

Rangjung Foundation Overview

The Rangjung Foundation was established in 2007 by Dungse Garab Rinpoche, as per the approval letter no.DLG-26/2006/875 dated 17.05.2006 of Ministry of Home and Culture Affairs and Registered Certificate awarded by Commission of Religious Organization on 31/07/2013, also registered as Tax Exempt Organization with the Department of Revenue & Customs, Ministry of Finance on 28 July 2010 under the Tax Exempt Code No. E05.

It is a non-profit foundation established with the main purpose of supporting the welfare of over 500 monks, nuns, yogis and old folks of Rangjung Woesel Choeling Monastery, Thegchhog Kunzang Chhodon Nunnery, retreat centres and old folks home in Bhutan, as well as helping the poor and needy. Additionally, Rangjung Foundation organises and implements long term projects in dharma propagation and conduct welfare activities.

Why Rangjung Foundation?

Objectives of Our Foundation

  • To propagate and develop the teachings of Lord Buddha and to uphold the lineage of Dudjom Tersar in Particular.
  • To support the preservation of Dudjom New Treasure lineage by offering requistes and providing financial assistance to over 500 monks and nuns who are pursuing studies in the Buddhist philosophy and the practice of Dudjom New Treasure in Rangjung Woesel Choeling Monastery, Thegchog Kunzang Choden Nunnery, old folks home and retreat centers in Bhutan.
  • To financially support the poor lay practitioners in Bhutan who have strong faith and devotion in the Dudjom New Treasure lineage.
  • To provide monetary support to students who have financial difficulties in pursuing further studies.
  • To provide shelter for the old folks so that they lead peaceful and enriched religious life in thier old age.
  • To disseminate Buddhist education and to nurture Buddhism for the well-being of all monks and nuns.
  • To provide health care and medical services to the monks, nuns, yogis and the elderly.
  • To preserve the sacred monastic rites and rituals which are considered as essential part of Vajrayana.
  • To provide assistance that is necessary for propagating the practice of Chod and smooth running of the Chods groups.
  • To support the publication and maintenance of sadhanas and other scriptures in monasteries in order to sustain and preserve the texts written by the gratest Tibetan spiritual masters.

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Rinpoche's Mission
It is Rinpoche's immense and ultimate compassionate mission to tirelessly spread the teachings of the Buddha, especially of the Dudjom New Treasure lineage. Rinpoche aspires to reach out and impart the Dharma to all beings over the whole world.

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